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Esther the Elephant

March 28, 2013


Our local library has a great selection of knitting books. It’s great! They even have a lot of baby and children’s knitting books that I know will come in handy. A couple weeks ago I went in looking for toy patterns and, as usual, I was not disappointed. My search led me to the pattern for this adorable elephant.

The pattern is Eddie the Friendly Elephant by Laura Long, from the book Knitted Toy Tales. I wanted to make a girl, so I changed her name to Esther. There are a few more patterns from this book that I would like to make – you should see the adorable “Piggies at Play”! Esther required quite a bit of seaming, but she could have been knit mostly in the round if I was willing to modify things slightly. I’ve learned to tolerate the seaming on these little toys though, they are too cute to get annoyed. I liked that this book incorporates fabric details into the knitting. The details add personality and make these toys a little different than other knit toys.


My grandma just sent a package for Jane with some crib sheets and a blanket and a couple other little things. It was rather fortuitous, because I had just been thinking that the we needed a couple more crib sheets before Jane gets here. Good timing! And one of the crib sheets and the blanket are elephant themed.  Esther will be perfect snuggled in with Janey and her new blankets.

I hope she likes this cute little friend!

Ravelry Link: Esther the Elephant

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