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Home Coming Dress for Jane

March 26, 2013

I was packing my bag for the hospital and I realized that I wanted something hand knit for Lady Jane to wear home. That’s right, I’m only just about 36 weeks (YIKES!!) and the bag is already packed. I like to be prepared, what can I say? I’m also a bit optimistic that she’ll come slightly early and not be enormous… But the point is, she needed something to wear! And nothing’s too good for my baby (a phrase my parents often repeat about me, I ignore the sarcastic tone with which they say it), so of course, it’s cashmere!


Practical? No. Precious? Absolutely! I bought a book of baby knitting patterns when I was at Vogue Knitting Live and it was high time I got started knitting my way through. The book is All You Knit Is Love: Knits for Babies 0-18 Months by Susie Hauman. I started with the Vest With Ribbed Edgings, but rather than making a vest, I lengthened it so it’s more like dress/tunic length. This is great book and I’m so happy I grabbed it when I did – I got the last copy! The pattern was easy to follow and simple. There is a button closure at the back, so no need to worry about fitting it over Jane’s head.


I also knit a pair of socks to go with the dress. The pattern is from the same book, it’s Mittens/Socks. I did slightly alter this pattern by casting on 6 fewer stitches. I started following the pattern, but they just seemed too big for a newborn. They look tiny, but they stretch and they will definitely fit her newborn tootsies, even if she is chubby. And the soft yarn (Elann Limited Edition Baby Cashmere) will be cozy and snuggly! It is stash yarn from a previous project – another dent in the Great Stashdown of 2013!

Now she’s just about ready! I think she’ll need a little hat though, to keep her tiny ears warm on the drive home. Only a few weeks left, better get to work!

Ravelry Links: Homecoming Dress | Homecoming Socks

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  1. Tricia G permalink
    March 26, 2013 9:37 am


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