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Thanks Giving {65}

March 8, 2013

I am thankful it’s finally Friday! This has felt like a loooong week for some reason and not because it was packed with fun activities. Not that it was all bad, it just seemed to go on forever. So, even though we have to contend with day light savings time this weekend, at least it’s the weekend – and the weather is supposed to be beautiful!

I’m thankful that Bill (Timmy’s brother) was home for spring break this week. We got to see him a couple times, and he seems like he’s doing really well his first year at college. I’m also thankful that he had a safe trip home from Northern Michigan, and hopefully he’ll have a safe trip back this weekend.

I talked to my brother the other day, as his baby’s due date is fast approaching, and he told me Emily (his wife) is doing well, and the baby has dropped!! It’s all too real now, isn’t Emily? Haha… I’m thankful she’s going first! I’m also thankful that she finally packed a bag for the hospital, my brother was worried he’d have to do it for her. It could still be a couple weeks before baby comes, but the fact that things are in motion is exciting!!

I am thankful that I got to see my (our) baby yesterday morning. Timmy and I went in for a final ultrasound to make sure everything is okay, and it is! In fact, she’s very healthy… A healthy 5lbs 5ozs! She’s almost a full pound heavier than the average baby her age. I had been a little worried about the umbilical cord, because she’s so active, but clearly she’s getting the nutrients she needs – and then some. As if I wasn’t nervous enough for the delivery, now I might have to deliver a bigger than average baby, if she’s on time. I read in the baby book yesterday that she could almost double in weight by delivery. I may or may not have had a breakdown when I read that. But, rather than be anxious I’m trying to remind myself that God wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle. I’m thankful for this reminder. I sometimes forget that, and I shouldn’t. Especially now that I’m getting ready to deliver and take care of a big active baby.

Of course, I am also thankful for Timmy, because he keeps telling me I can handle all of this too. And I think he believes it. He seems to be totally mentally prepared for everything. He’s generally a calm guy, but having a baby is a big deal, you’d think he might be a little nervous (especially after his pathetic diaper changing exhibition). Apparently not. It means a lot to me that he has so much confidence in me for the delivery, and us for the parenting. Sometimes I think he gives me more credit than I deserve… and I’m thankful for it all the time.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Mary Kay permalink
    March 8, 2013 4:41 pm

    Lot’s of luck and love to Emily and Michael!!

  2. Emily permalink
    March 8, 2013 7:19 pm

    Sooo, technically I haven’t packed the bag….yet. But I promise tonight I will!! Those slipper-socks you made me are definitely going in there (for after when it’s less messy of course). We picked a pediatrician yesterday though and today I filled out the paperwork for maternity leave, haha, it may be all last minute but it’s getting done. Now Mike just has to figure out how to get that carseat installed…
    Thanks, Mary Kay!

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