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Thanks Giving {64}

March 1, 2013

This week I am thankful that the sun is coming up earlier. It is so much easier to wake up in the morning when the sunrise shines through your window. Of course, I’ll have to back track when daylight savings time hits, but for now, I’m enjoying the sunny mornings.

I am thankful for all the work left to be done on the nursery and the house before baby Jane makes her appearance. I might not get everything done before she arrives, but I’m okay with that. For the first few weeks she’s just going to be hanging out anyway, and she’ll sleep in our room in a bassinet. I don’t think she’ll notice if we’re not ready. And the added bonus is that I don’t have time to just sit around and worry about the delivery and all the things that come along with that. I’m too busy!

I am thankful that I gave Timmy a humidor and cigars for Christmas. Not that I love smoking, he only smokes once a week or less depending on the weather. But on a nice night (not too chilly) we both sit outside and chat. No TV in the background, nothing else going on, just us sitting there having a chat. Of course, we could do this anyway, but we wouldn’t usually in the winter. He’s such a smart, interesting guy; I let him do most of the talking. So, yeah, I’m happy he’s enjoying a cigar every now and then.

I am thankful for another book club meeting this weekend! We’re meeting at Timmy’s sister, Tricia and her husband Adam’s house. Whether I like the books or not, I always like discussing them. Hopefully I’ll actually remember my camera this time so I can share some highlights! And a shot of their adorable new puppy – so cute!  Thanks for hosting, and picking the book, Tricia. Can’t wait!

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Rose permalink
    March 1, 2013 10:57 am

    Thankful for my nieces and nephews, Pope Benedict (love his writing!) and Uncle Joe. He’s going to be jealous about the cigars! He gave them up a few years ago and misses them sometimes! Looking forward to book club on Sunday!

  2. Uncle Tom permalink
    March 1, 2013 2:44 pm

    I too noticed the sun rising earlier, only I would say it helps me to see the road and where I’m driving at 6am. Alas, there’s always those few weeks after dst that the mornings turn pitch black again! But I do hope we get big march snowstorm before spring sets in!

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