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Blackberry Cheese Danish

February 13, 2013


Yet another gem from Pinterest. Seriously, I come up with almost nothing on my own now, ever. At this point in my pregnancy, when I try to get creative Lady Jane usually sucks most of my brain power and I end up with “novel” ideas like, adding lemon zest to my cooking and putting bows on nursery decorations. Needless to say, Pinterest and a few books and blogs can be credited for just about everything I’ve made recently. Including this delicious and fancy looking danish.

Technically, I made this a little while ago – I think it was New Year’s Day. I’ve had it in the queue for a blog post but just never got around to it. I’m going to blame Jane for that too… Now seemed like a good time to bring it out though, since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (heads up!) and you might want to make something special for breakfast. This would also be great for brunch or tea party because it looks impressive.  Luckily, this is not only special, it’s also really simple and quick. Here’s a link to the recipe – insert whatever berries you have on hand, or leave them out entirely, still good!

Jan 2, 2013

In my opinion, you could easily make two danishes with the amount of cream cheese filling the recipe makes, especially if you’re including fruit. It’s not a bad idea to make two anyway, since I ate half of this in one sitting, and the rest over the next couple days. (If you’re calculating, Timmy didn’t eat any of this… Apparently danishes aren’t his thing. Weirdo.) Store it in the fridge and it still tastes great – I actually preferred it cool as opposed to just out of the oven. So, if you happen to have a kid or two in addition to your valentine, I strongly suggest you make two. However, I demand that you make at least one.

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  1. Mary Kay permalink
    February 13, 2013 11:43 am

    As if Ash Wednesday isn’t hard enough, lol. This looks like just the thing with which to celebrate Easter Sunday! Can it possibly taste as good as it looks?

  2. Aunt Tricia permalink
    February 13, 2013 11:54 am

    This looks delicious and I’m responding it immediately!

  3. Rose permalink
    February 13, 2013 6:39 pm

    This looks soooo good! Ugh. it’s Ash Wednesday and I’m hungry!!!!!!!

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