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Thanks Giving {62}

February 8, 2013

Timmy pointed out last night that I had not posted anything since my birthday… Yikes!I hope no one thought that I changed my mind and had a complete meltdown over turning 30. Rest assured, I’m doing well. January was SUPER busy! It seemed like every day I had to be somewhere – doctor appointments, dentist visits, weekend trips. February looks a little better, but I’m already working on filling it up. I’ll do my best to stay on top of things a bit better in the coming weeks!

Today I am thankful for a fun, safe visit to Michigan last weekend. Timmy and I made the drive out for a joint shower with my sister-in-law, Emily. We had a great time! Tank you to everyone who came to the shower, and for the lovely gifts for Lady Jane. Thank you also to Mom and Megan for decorating, planning and putting it all together! I finally feel like we are really going to have a baby living in that nursery!! We have adorable little clothes and blankets and toys and dishes and BABY THINGS! It’s almost too cute to handle. Once Timmy touches up his paint job this weekend I will be able to start decorating a little more, and I’ll be sharing my progress, don’t worry. (Hopefully I’ll have pics of the shower to share, if my family passes them on to me. I was a little busy to be taking them myself…)

I am especially thankful for the time I was able to spend with my mom and dad over the weekend. I miss those guys!! Since I probably won’t see them again until Jane is born, it was nice to be able to spend a little time with them, talking about baby things and life things. Thanks for hanging out with us for the weekend!

I am also thankful for all the adorable little DIY baby items I got from my Aunt Martha, Gabby and Megan at the shower. I now have so many great ideas for my other sister-in-law, Tricia’s baby shower. (Yes, we’re going to have a lot of new babies in the family!) Gabby, my cousin, sewed up some cute little bags and filled them with a diaper change kit – diaper, onsie, wipes, disposable changing pad, diaper disposal bag, and hand sanitizer. These will come in handy! Martha made a diaper wreath and some cute washcloth lollipops. Megan whipped up not one, but two diaper cakes! She admitted that they took quite a long time to put together, but I’m thinking that if I start early and find a partner I should be able to handle making one of these. It was so nice to have the handmade touches, and those diapers won’t go to waste! Thank you!!

I am thankful for my caring, sweet husband. He is used to being the one who is taken care of, sometimes whether he likes it or not. I’m a caregiver and I can be rather persistent. But he has been great at slowly taking over the caregiving. He makes sure I’m feeling okay, he gets the Tums and water when I need it (which is often…), he didn’t even complain when I needed to stop for food or a potty break on the trip to Michigan. Of course, I still try to force my share of caring on him, but he should probably just enjoy that while it lasts – I have a feeling the baby will get the lions share of the care in just a few months.

I am thankful for the big new braising/roasting pot I got for Christmas! I love making a roast chicken, we have it about every other week. It’s great because it’s usually 2 dinners, plus a big pot of stock. But enough is enough, I needed to change things up a bit. So last night I made a Lemon Caper Braised Chicken. I had never braised anything before, but it is so easy! The big stainless steel pot was the perfect size for all that chicken. Timmy seemed to like it as much as the usual roasted chicken too, which is the biggest test. I know I’ve said this so many times, but if you use Pinterest for nothing else, use it for recipe ideas!!

Finally, I am thankful for the impending snow!  We haven’t hardly had a winter here. Even when it gets cold, it follows that up with two days of 55° or warmer days – and barely any snow. As a winter lover, I have really missed the snow crunching under my boots and the blinding brightness of sun reflecting off of a bed of fresh snow. I just hope that we actually get a couple inches, and it’s not just rainy.

What are you thankful for today?

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