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Thanks Giving {54}

November 9, 2012

This week I am thankful that I made it to the 16 week (4 month) mark in my pregnancy!! I’m not sure why, but I feel a sort of sense of relief. Of course, any number of terrible things could still happen, but I feel like the riskiest/scariest time is past… I’m sure I’m being a bit irrational (it comes with the territory) but even if it’s only mental, I’m happy about it. Don’t let that fool you though, I’m still worried about things. It’s really difficult being sure that everything is okay when you can’t see what’s going on in there! But today, I am thankful that everything seems to be a-okay! And that Timmy keeps reminding me that I’d know if something bad was happening. Thanks Timmy!

I’m thankful that the duckling has gotten over his/her oatmeal aversion! We are heading into the height of oatmeal season, so I decided to give it another try. Success!! I’ve had a bowl of oatmeal with bananas and brown sugar almost every morning this week. Yay!

I am thankful that I live in a country where I get to have a say in who governs. Whether I am happy with the results of this last election I won’t say here, but I am happy that so many people voted and participated. Sometimes it seems like my one tiny voice is a meaningless drop in the ocean, but the fact that I have a voice at all is something to be thankful for!

I am thankful for the big batch of meatballs I made the other day, for two reasons: First, I will have these guys on hand in the freezer anytime I don’t feel like putting much effort into cooking. Second, they taste good! I have maybe made meatballs once before for Timmy, even though he likes them, just because they always seemed like a lot of work. They weren’t really that much work. Plus, I followed a recipe and used beef and veal which I think really boosted the flavor. The fact that Timmy mentioned Carl’s (a take out restaurant nearby) and then immediately (and enthusiastically) changed his mind when I mentioned meatball sandwiches was enough to convince me to make these more often!

Finally, I am thankful for my sweet and thoughtful husband. Last weekend he was supposed to be volunteering most of the day Saturday, so I had planned to miss him spend the morning getting some Christmas knitting done. When that was cancelled due to the hurricane, and I told him I hadn’t made any plans, he said he was going to take me somewhere. A surprise! It turned out he took me to a craft show at a community college nearby! We walked around, he was patient even though there was a crowd and I like to look at just about everything. We even found a Christmas present while we were there! What a nice husband to take me somewhere he knew I’d enjoy (and he probably wouldn’t) just to make me happy. Sometimes I feel like I need to step up my wife-game… Thanks Timmy!

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Ann Marie permalink
    November 9, 2012 3:37 pm

    my family
    Your blog
    my job
    lawyers (lol, of course)
    Seinfeld reruns
    Thanksgiving Day
    the book club
    online shopping

  2. November 9, 2012 5:10 pm

    Thanks for sharing your “gratitudes” with us. I know I am grateful for every single person and thing in my life. I love hearing how wonderful your husband is, too! Awesome! I am grateful that you are past the 4 month mark and will continue to pray for a healthy you and a healthy baby. You will be a great mother! Love you, Melissa. Always look forward to your posts!

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