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Timmy’s “Finally” Socks

November 1, 2012

I started these socks on January 17, 2011. Which means it took more than one and a half YEARS to finish them. Timmy and I are both saying “Finally!” to these bad boys… I love knitted socks (who doesn’t), but for a long time I just didn’t like knitting them. A hat takes a day or two; mittens are more simple and quick than socks. When I first learned how to knit, that’s what I was knitting. I could do socks, but sock yarn seemed so thin and the needles seemed so small it just felt like it took forever. Now that I have gained a bit more experience, and I’ve been knitting sweaters which take much longer, socks don’t seem so bad!

However, I didn’t just have to overcome my sock knitting aversion for these, there were other obstacles. I was 2/3 of the way through the first sock when I put these aside, so finishing that one was a cinch. Then I started the second sock right away and was making great progress. No second-sock syndrome! In fact, I was already 2/3 of the way through sock number two when I thought, “huh, these socks don’t look quite the same…” Turns out, they weren’t. The second sock was 4 stitches smaller/tighter around than the first. Ugh!

Not being a perfectionist, I thought maybe it would be okay. I had Timmy try the tighter sock on, compare to the normal sized sock, give me his thoughts. He’s so desperate for knitted socks nice, he said it was tougher to get on, but once it was on he didn’t notice much of a difference. What a sweetie… There was a clear difference to me and I just couldn’t handle it. This sock yarn is so nice (Frog Tree Pediboo: 80% superwash merino wool, 20% bamboo) and he had been asking for the socks for so long that I couldn’t give him mismatched, ill-fitting socks. I ripped the whole second sock out and started again, overcoming sock-knitting aversion, second sock syndrome, and non-perfectionist status.

Now, finally, Timmy is the proud owner of a new pair of very nice hand-knit gentleman’s socks. I asked him to try them on to be sure everything fit right and he didn’t take them off for the rest of the night. I’m so happy that I went back, put in the extra effort and made the socks right. Do you hear that? That is the sound of character building, haha! Now if only I could finish that potentially really cool sweater I started for Timmy October 3, 2010…


P.S. Timmy and I are doing fine! Lots of trees down in our area, but no damage for us (thank God!). We lost power, but only for about 24 hours. Thanks to Nanny and Pop (Timmy’s grandparents) we didn’t even have to go without showers or a hot meal!

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  1. Mary Kay permalink
    November 1, 2012 3:26 pm

    That story would make a cute children’s book. Lucky Timmy. (And…there’s the title!)

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