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Weekend Chic: Beach Weekend!

July 21, 2012

I confess, I am an over-packer. I always have been. When I was younger I went to girl scout camp for 2 weeks in the summer and packing was a nightmare. I usually had the biggest bag of all the girls in my tent. And that was camp, with only girls. If I had to bring anything nice or cute to impress boys I would have had to create some kind of portable closet and pay someone to transport it. On the upside, I did learn some fun packing techniques. Oprah suggested rolling each outfit so I could just grab a roll each morning. I think it was Martha Stewart who suggested keeping like items together – shirts with shirts, socks with socks, etc – so you always know where to look for each thing. But the most effective method I’ve found for not overpacking is waiting until the last minute to start. No time to throw in all kinds of extras!

Beach Weekend
Beach Weekend by mrsduck featuring bikini cover ups

As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to the Jersey Shore (Wildwood Crest, NJ) this weekend for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. Whoo, Tricia!! I’ve come up with what I think are the 10 essentials for this trip, though I’m sure I will pack more…

1 – Cute swimsuit. This weekend strapless/bandeau styles are a must for avoiding funky tan lines. The wedding is only a couple weeks away and I don’t want a triangle top tan line with my one strap dress… That yellow suit is fabulous! A cute suit makes bearing your skin to the public a little bit easier.

2 – Cover-ups. I’m not big on strutting around the beach in my suit alone all the time, so a cute cover-up is crucial.

3 – A hat. Not only are hats trendy, they’re great for keeping sun off of your face. Nothing can ruin a weekend like a sunburned nose…

4 – Sunglasses. I tend to get squint headaches when I spend too much time in the sun. A strong pair of sunglasses helps. Not to mention, it makes it a lot easier to stare while people watching without being too obvious.

5 – A beach bag. It’s got to be big with at least a couple pockets. Overpacking isn’t strictly an overnight bag problem – it permeates all facets of my life. My beach tote needs room for food, a first aid kit, hairpins and bands, a book, towel, extra sunscreen, wallet, phone, notepad, pens. If I ever have kids my diaper bag is going to need wheels…

6 – Night out outfit. Haha, I am laughing as I type “outfit” because I know there will be outfit-S. A girl needs options!

7 – Daytime outfit. When it’s time to hit the boards for lunch, you need something casual and comfortable. It’s hard to type or say “hit the boards” without thinking of my brother-in-law Bill. He’s 17 (18 in a week!) and he hits the boards to check out the ladies.

8 – A good book. The best reading is done on the beach. True story.

9 – Sunscreen. I’m an aging 29-year-old with fair skin, prone to burning. SPF 50? SPF 70? Do they make it stronger?

10 – A cocktail. Something refreshing, like a mojito would be good. At least for starters, this is a bachelorette party after all!

Have a Stylish Saturday!

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