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Cut Offs Are the New… Cut Offs

June 28, 2012

I’m not sure, but I don’t think cut off jean shorts have ever gone out of style. From the second they were created they have always been a part of summer fashion. Fit may change. Wash may change. Embellishment may change. But denim cut offs are not going away. I love them! Here are some fun denim cut off outfits for your enjoyment:

Denim Cut Offs
Denim Cut Offs by mrsduck featuring almost famous shorts

I made myself a pair of cut offs with some old jeans too. Actually, I made them last year but they fit weird so I didn’t wear them ever. For whatever reason, I cut off an extra 2 inches and they look perfectly fine now. While I had the scissors out and the cutting was going well, I decided to cut off another pair of pants. Some time in college I bought a pair of circus tents pants that must have been on sale because I’m not sure why else I would have purchased them. They were really wide leg, with an extra bell bottom finish, but not at all like palazzo pants. My mom discovered them while cleaning out a closet and put them in a pile for me to go through when I came home next. I imagine she was fairly shocked that I didn’t put them in the donate pile. What was I thinking??

I don’t know, but fate was interfering. Preserved pants + scissors = Rescue Shorts! They are not that fancy or anything, but they fit and they will finally get some use. These circus pants were just waiting to become the comfy linen shorts they were always meant to be! I even got to dust off the ol’ sewin’ machine that has been gathering dust the last few months. Wait ’til you see what else my sewing machine can do!

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  1. Mary Kay permalink
    June 28, 2012 2:25 pm

    With a navy top, just in time for the fourth! They’re cute.

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