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Weekend Chic: Let’s Go!

June 16, 2012
Weekend Chic - Let's Go!
Weekend Chic – Let’s Go! by mrsduck featuring a white silk tank

A friend of mine once said while shopping, “I really love this top, but I have no where to wear it…” What?? No where to wear it? It didn’t have curse words on it. It wasn’t excessively revealing. It didn’t have sequins or feathers or fur. It was just a cute top. To all people who think they don’t have anywhere to wear that cute garment they like at the store: make a place. So what if you’re just running errands or taking the kids to a play date? That means you must wear sweatpants/jeans and a tee shirt? I say no. You can be comfortable and cute at the same time. While I am a HUGE supporter of jeans and tee shirts, just look in my closet, the fit of both makes all the difference.

Most places now days have farmers markets, concerts in the park, art walks, fests, etc on the weekends and throughout the week. All kid friendly, largely free, fun things to do! On Thursday Timmy came home and asked if I wanted to walk up to Tunes at Twilight in downtown Bethlehem. Of course I did! We had a great time, got a walk in, and didn’t spend any money. Plus, people were dressed in their best concert-in-the-park attire. Could I have walked up in my paint jeans/sweatpants? Of course. Would I have been happy about it? Probably not. Not that I was wearing anything fancy, but this is exactly the time to wear that cute top you saw in the store. Why not? Come on, let’s go out in style!

Have a Stylish Saturday!

PS – Yes, those are palazzo pants on the left. Yes, they’re back. Yes, I love them. No, I don’t own any. Yet.

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  1. Rose permalink
    June 16, 2012 11:46 am

    Love this post and I’m putting on a dress to go to the whole foods!Aunt Betsy is the palazzo pant-queen and she looks great in them. I’m a fan as well.

  2. Aunt Betsy permalink
    June 16, 2012 4:22 pm

    That is so funny, Rose, because I tried on an old pair to take to Montreal, but decided against it…

    Melissa, go for it!

    Aunt Betsy

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