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Thanks Giving {36}

June 8, 2012

Today, I am thankful for the spare room in our house. Not the guest bedroom, that’s not really “spare” since we like to keep it ready just in case anyone stops by. I mean the other room, the one that has been accumulating junk and dust and clutter the last several months. It was a disaster, and it has only improved slightly in the time I have spent cleaning it this week… But I am thankful for it because it allows me the space to cram everything right before guests arrive be creative, save potential crafting inspiration and work on projects without cluttering the rest of the house. Next week I’m hoping to paint it and put up some shelves so I can really get organized… Wish me luck!

I am also thankful for Pinterest. It is a never ending wellspring of ideas and inspiration! While at times it can be frustrating because I’m always learning that there is “nothing new under the sun”, it’s nice to be able to go there and quickly find a tutorial on how to make or do anything. It’s a great place to get ideas and put them together in my own unique way. I know some people don’t get the point of it, but if you’re like me and actually do the projects/make the recipes then Pinterest is one of the most practical and often used resources available. Want to know what I’ve been making or baking (or buy me a present)? Check out my boards.

I am thankful for the sunshine! It seems like we moved to the rainforest the last couple weeks with rain every single day… I’m also a little nervous because I watched a show about how the Sahara Desert switches between lush grassland and desert every 20 thousand years due to the tilt in the Earth’s axis. If the Sahara becomes less desert-y, what do we become? Is it happening now?! Paranoia aside, today the sun is shining and birds are chirping outside my window for once, but the day is young and rain is coming this evening “they” say. On the positive, my vegetables are starting to burst out of the garden – so many zucchini blossoms and tiny green peppers. But, it would be nice to have at least one solid day of sun. Maybe this weekend? Thanks for shining, sun, even if it’s only a little bit at a time!

Finally, I am thankful for the library, and my proximity to it. I’m planning to walk up there today for a book on html and web design and a book on quilting. Two big projects I hope to start soon. Who ever thought of libraries was a genius. All those books and I don’t even have to pay for them! Before I really start looking for the books I want I walk up and down a couple aisles and enjoy the smell. It’s especially good in reference sections and at university libraries. As much as I like the internet, and even e-readers, nothing beats a good old fashioned book.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Mary Kay permalink
    June 8, 2012 10:33 am

    I’m thankful for Libraries too!

  2. Tim, Sr. permalink
    June 8, 2012 10:40 am

    I am thankful for my wife of 30 years plus 3 days. I am a very lucky person.

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