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Weekend Chic: 5K & Sixers

April 14, 2012
Weekend Chic: 5K & Sixers
Weekend Chic: 5K & Sixers by mrsduck featuring zipper jeans

On the left you have the outfit I would wear to the Sixers game Friday night. If I was a celebrity, that is. I’m pretty sure this is the standard issue celebrity uniform for basketball games. I am really loving boyfriend jeans and leather jackets lately too, so it’s perfect. In fact, I think I may need to find myself a pair of boyfriend jeans soon…

On the right you have the outfit I would wear to cheer on Timmy and some of his family at the 5K Run Against Hunger Saturday morning. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, but at 7:30am I thought it might still be chilly – thus the hat, gloves and big sweater. You’ll notice that I tried to avoid the pitfall of many runners’ wives – wearing workout clothes to watch a race/run. Oh yeah, some women do that. Maybe they want us all to think that they were going to run but got injured at the starting line? Whatever their reasoning, I’m not falling for it. As you can see, I’m making it pretty obvious I’m not running or even walking. I will be taking pictures though!

Have a stylish Saturday!

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  1. Eco Friendly Homemaking permalink
    April 14, 2012 8:32 pm

    I like everything in the pictures but especially like the boots and the bags!!

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