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Spring Ahead: 3 Tips for a Smooth Spring Wardrobe Transition

March 20, 2012

I was using my time wisely on Polyvore the other day when I realized that March 20th is the first day of spring! Whoo! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter – LOVE – but there’s something about birds chirping and flowers blooming that makes me feel happy too. I don’t think I’d like to live somewhere that was always warm or cold – I love the change! Sometimes it’s tricky putting outfits together though, since the weather at 7AM can be REALLY different from the weather at 3PM. So, I thought I’d put together my 3 suggestions for an easy transition from winter to spring. I hope they help!

1 – Layers

There is a reason cardigans have never gone out of style: they are the perfect piece of clothing! We may add fancy buttons, shoulder pads, stripes, lace, length, patterns, texture, you name it, but in the end we can’t get rid of the basic cardigan. This spring, color blocking is really trendy, which means you can take the cardigans you have and make them fashion forward without too much effort. Take that sky blue cardi off the hanger it shares with the perfectly coordinating tank/collard shirt (you know you hang them together) and instead pair it with a deep purple top and a sunshine yellow belt for a fun update.

Spring Cardigans - 2012
Spring Cardigans – 2012 by mrsduck featuring a short sleeve cardigan

Since the mornings can still be pretty chilly, jackets are essential. You can’t go wrong with the classic trench, but don’t be afraid to give it your own flavor – color and detail can help you make it yours. And if you’re not a trench person, no problem! I actually don’t own a trench (though I probably should…) but there are plenty of other spring jacket styles to choose from – a cropped lightweight leather jacket, or a tailored blazer are great options if you tend to steer away from trenches. Whatever you choose, a lightweight jacket will help you get where you need to go when the chill is still in the air.

Spring Jackets - 2012
Spring Jackets – 2012 by mrsduck featuring a trench coat

2 – Mix & Match

Not quite ready to pack away some of your winter favorites? Or maybe you just haven’t gotten around to hauling them to the attic, like me… Try pairing your favorite winter items with spring colors to make the look current. Pair your chocolate brown sweater with a coral belt; Mix your favorite leather boots with a light and airy dress; Give that basic wool skirt one last day in the sun by pairing it with a sheer blouse. Just because spring is here doesn’t mean you have to dive into sun dresses and sandals, just make sure your outfits have balance. And, unless you’re a member of the Jersey Shore cast, you should probably pack up your big fur boots until fall. This means you college girls who think spring fashion equals denim short shorts and UGGs…

Mix & Match
Mix & Match by mrsduck featuring stud earrings

3 – Accessorize!

This actually works for all seasons. No one wants to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe every season just to stay on top of the latest trends. Well, I would love to do that actually, but I can’t afford it. So instead, I find that the best way to feel like I’m participating in a trend without finding myself divorced and/or bankrupt is moderation. By selecting a belt or shoes in a really popular color or fit you can make things you already own seem fresh with out making your credit card bill rotten. Plus, when it turns out that the mint green and neapolitan phase doesn’t last you won’t be left with a closet that looks like a 1950’s appliance store. I find the best (read cheapest) place to start is belts and scarves but if you wear a lot of jewelry, maybe that’s a good place for you to start integrating trends.

Accessorize by mrsduck featuring flat heel shoes

The most important thing to remember when you’re having a tough time transitioning is that, ultimately, they’re just clothes. As long as you’re happy and feel good wearing something that’s what matters (unless what you feel good in is furry boots and tiny dresses). Now, who’s ready for spring?!

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