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Spring Is In the {Garden}

March 5, 2012

Over the weekend I started cleaning out our garden. Last year I was smart and cleaned it out in the fall, but this past fall it didn’t happened. Now I have about 17 million dead weeds and plants crushing any new buds trying to break through to the sun. After 2 hours of work I am left with only about 10 million weeds crushing any new life. Not bad for a start!

Above you can see my hyacinths coming in! I planted these last year, and I wasn’t sure whether they would come up again, but they are strong as ever! They are the reason I felt I needed to get out there and clean up a bit. While I was out there I was reminded of how mild our winter has been – I found 4 carrots that had been growing all winter! I also had to pull out my brussels sprout plants, even though they had lots of little sprouts on them. My parsley never stopped growing all winter, and my chives have started sprouting up again. I was really dreading going out there, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Finding all these little signs of spring made it exciting; it was fun to see what I would uncover. I already have plans for my improved vegetable garden this year too, I just need to find a post-hole digger…

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