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Orchids & … Orchids

March 3, 2012
Orchids & Orchids
Orchids & Orchids by mrsduck featuring rose earrings

As you can surely guess, the first orchid is in the outfit I selected. I think that green top would be a risky online purchase… The color could be really beautiful or really awful. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and assuming it’s beautiful. It’s annoying to me that I have selected ankle boots for 4 out of 6 of my Weekend Chic outfits and I don’t actually own any. This is a problem. Fortunately, I have a $30 off certificate for DSW burning a hole in my figurative pocket, so it might be rectified soon!

You know what’s not a problem? The other orchid I’m referring to in the title – the White Orchid Martini. Last night my mother-in-law had some friends over and I crashed the party. Or should I say I brought the party? RRRRgGGGGG…. I’m trying…. to resi….st….. Ah, can’t do it. Here’s a joke for you: What comes before Part B?      PARTAAAAAAY!! Get it? Part A. Part-ay!? I’m glad you’re not here in real time to witness the embarrassing amount of giggling going on…

Anyway. The point is, the liquor store has people who offer you samples on Friday evenings (genius!) and I am a sucker. The last time I was in I tried some French Ginger Liqueur and, of course, ended up buying it. That’s what I brought to the party last night, to make White Orchid Martinis: 2 parts Domaine de Canton (ginger liqueur), 1 part citrus vodka (we used Contreau instead) and 1 part white cranberry juice. We ended up making something else with it, but I’m sticking with the Orchid thing anyway.

And that, my friends, is that. Have a stylish Saturday!

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