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Thanks Giving {23}

February 24, 2012

This week I am thankful for space! For S week at preschool we focused on the solar system and the kids really enjoyed it. Apparently, I need to plan more elaborate lessons for every week because the kids were so interested in learning that they didn’t have time to misbehave. If only I had the time motivation… But I am thankful for the fun of this week!

I am also thankful for space because, wow, it is huge. Sometimes I can feel small, and insignificant when I see the vastness of space. But really, if we are the only intelligent life out there or at least in our solar system, then we are so rare and special! Every human being is special, even you! It’s nice to be reminded of that.

I am also thankful for the beautiful sunrise we had on Wednesday morning. I woke up and the walls were all splashed with red in our bedroom (sailors take warning!). Out the window I watched the sun slowly climb over the houses changing the sky from dark reds, to bright orange, all the way to a sunny blue sky day. I’m thankful that the sun is actually coming up when I wake up now, because I get to appreciate these moments of beauty and peace.

I am thankful for Downton Abbey on PBS. What an excellent show! If you haven’t been watching this, you should start. Timmy and I always looked forward to watching it each week. The second season is over now, unfortunately, but we are already excited for the third season. There’s a third season planned, right? There has to be… Anyway, I am thankful for an interesting, entertaining show that Timmy and I could enjoy together, without dealing with language, sex or anything like that.

Finally, I am thankful for the weekend. It’s here! I am always thankful for the extra time I get to spend with my Timmy.

What are you thankful for this week?


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