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Thanks Giving {22}

February 17, 2012

The week was off to a rough start with one of my kids losing it on Monday and screaming he would destroy the school as I carried him kicking and screaming (literally) to the principal’s office – which is out of the pre-school, across a parking lot, through a locked door (which I managed to unlock with one hand while holding on to the kid), and down a hall of classrooms. Needless to say, after that the rest of the week was cake!

So, First – I am thankful for Valentine’s Day. Timmy is such a good husband – are you surprised I’m saying this? For Valentine’s Day this year he gave me roses! It may sound like a typical V-Day gift, but in fact, this is the first time Timmy has ever given me roses in our relationship. Somehow he figured out a long time ago what my favorite flowers were and he usually picks those if he buys me flowers – which isn’t that often, so don’t get too annoyed at how lucky I am. But this year I got roses for a change!! They are beautiful. I love that he picked a bouquet with a variety of colors. Thanks Timmy!

Second – I am thankful for my new skirt! Remember when I posted about this skirt from Talbot’s? Well, I received a package in the mail the other day from my mom and inside was this skirt. Aren’t mom’s the best? Now all I need is to get Timmy to take me somewhere fancy so I can wear it out. Obviously I’ve already worn it around the house, but that just isn’t the same… Thanks Mom!

Third – I am thankful for the ice skating trip the pre-school took on Thursday. The kids had been looking forward to this for weeks and talking about it non-stop. They all got out on the ice with no issues and tried their best. I was so proud of them!

Fourth – I am thankful that we have wonderful (and generous) family in Philadelphia. I am actually taking Timmy to the airport this morning so I wrote this post a little early. We were able to stay at his Aunt and Uncle’s house right down town last night so we didn’t have to get up SUPER early. They are always happy to have us for a visit, and we appreciate it! Thank you Rose and Joe!

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  1. Rose permalink
    February 17, 2012 11:24 am

    We love having you two here! You can come and stay with us whenever you like!
    Rose and Joe

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