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Weekend Chic: Beaux & Bows

February 11, 2012
Beaux & Bows
Beaux & Bows by mrsduck featuring a cropped cardigan

I went for something a little non-traditional for my Valentine’s weekend outfit. Of course, it would be obvious to wear a red dress, or a little-black-dress with red heels, but red-ish tights? Why not? Who says you have to wear the usual tight or low cut to look sexy? I prefer flattering and confident to tight and low cut every time.

I’ve always been drawn to the more conservative look though – in fact, a boy I (briefly) dated in 9th grade said I dressed like a teacher. He was right, my jumper and cardigan collection was extensive. He gave me his vintage Black Sabbath t-shirt so I would be more his style. I imagine he thought I’d wear it with some kind of mini skirt and Dr. Martin boots. Well, I had Dr. Martins, but they were mary-janes… You can see why this relationship didn’t last more than a week.

Lucky for me, I found Timmy, and he seems to like my “teacher-y” look. Wear what works for you this weekend (and all the time, really) – whether it’s tight and revealing or flowy and intriguing, whether you’re going on a romantic date or a girls night out or a pizza and movie night in.

Have a stylish Saturday!


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  1. Mary Kay permalink
    February 11, 2012 12:18 pm

    Wait…that’s not what the teachers I know dress like haha. Wher are the slightly too short black pants, the ever so scuffed black flats, the color blocked cardigan with happy apples around the hem? I may have to rethink my wardrobe.
    Mary Kay

  2. Ann permalink
    February 17, 2012 9:19 pm

    My thoughts exactly, Mary Kay…
    Melissa’s look is waaaaayyyyyy too cute to be called “teacher-ish.”

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