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Pretty Paper Packages

February 9, 2012

Nothing finishes off a handmade gift like fun/cute packaging. Of course, the recipient is going to appreciate whatever wonderful gift you have made for them, but I think it really adds to the thoughtfulness when you make that little extra effort. Plus, how stinkin’ cute are these pretty paper packages?!

This is a simple project too, with just a few supplies and about 5 minutes you will have a pretty paper package. You will need: one sheet of craft paper (I use half a sheet for one package), double sided or scrapbooking tape, stickers/other decorating items, and a paper crimper. I did this with card stock the first time and the tape didn’t stick as well, so I would suggest using the regular weight scrapbook paper.

Step 1 – Cut your paper in half so you have two sheets of 12″ x 6″ paper. Set one aside.

Step 2 – Apply tape to one of the shorter sides and join the two sides, making a tube.

Step 3 – Apply tape to one half of the inside of one end of the tube. Press the top to the side with the tape, closing one end of the tube. When you’re doing this, make sure the seam is off center so that you will more easily be able to close the other side later. Just trust me on this one… Then, insert the closed end into the paper crimper and twist 2 or three times. If you’re going to try to skip this step then I definitely suggest not using card stock because it just won’t stick. Also, you might want to try glue to really make sure the end stays closed.

Step 4 – Deposit your gift inside the package.

Step 5 – Press the open end closed so that the corners on the second end are positioned in the middle of the corners of the first end. Perhaps a picture will be more explanatory than my words could ever be (see below). Apply tape to one half of this second end and press it closed. Crimp once or twice and you’re ready to decorate.

Step 6 – Decorate the package, add a tag, and give the gift away. This will be tough because, no doubt, it has been sitting on your dining room table looking pretty for a couple days. The difficulty level increases exponentially depending on how much you love the item inside the package… Don’t worry, as soon as you see how happy the recipient is it will all be worth it.

This would be a fun way to package valentines goodies too. Just tuck a few treats inside and you’re all set. Fast, easy, and fun!

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  1. Mary Kay permalink
    February 9, 2012 12:30 pm

    So cute! I love little packages like that. great pictures too!
    Mary Kay

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