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Thanks Giving {16}

January 6, 2012

This week was a tough one. The harsh blow of having to get back to reality (i.e. work) makes me grumpy. Here goes –

First, I am thankful that I only had a three day week for work. It’s nice to be able to ease back into things.

Second, I am thankful for the fabulous Christmas gift I received from my sister-in-law Tricia! She gave me a kit to sew my own linen cowl and I did. Love it! More on that next week.

Third, I am thankful for school starting again… Alright, I’m not haha… but I am thankful that it makes me focus in and get things done. If I had another whole week off I might not have planned my time well enough to get everything I needed done… Maybe…

Finally, I am thankful that Timmy is not bothered by a messy house. I am VERY bothered by it. Our house has been messy most of this holiday season and it’s driving me crazy! On top of that, I still haven’t had a chance to take down many of our holiday decorations so everywhere I go another thing I need to do is staring me in the face. Somehow, despite all this, Timmy is not bothered at all. In fact, the other day when I was complaining he said, “It looks clean in here! I don’t know why you’re stressing out, I don’t care if the Christmas things are still up.” It will still bother me, but only half as much if I know it’s not bothering him.

Are your holiday decorations put away? Are you thankful to get back to the real world?

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  1. January 6, 2012 9:59 am

    Most of my Christmas things are put away. Going to do the rest today. I am grateful that I have Christmas things to put away. One of my aunt’s (on my mother’s side), Aunt Lois, told me one time that if she had it to do all over again she would not worry so much about keeping a “perfect” house. There are so many other wonderful things to do. We put way too much pressure on ourselves sometimes. You will get to all of those things eventually. Oh, and, yes, I am thankful to get back to the “real” world. Love you, Melissa!


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