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Thanks Giving Friday {13}

December 16, 2011

I’m starting to really get into the Christmas mood! I’m just about done with my Christmas shopping, I finally got to do some baking and my house is closer to being cleaned up. All things to be thankful for!

First, I am thankful that Timmy decided to pitch in and help me with the Christmas cards. I like sending (and receiving) Christmas cards, but addressing them can take a lot of time. As I started to work on this years batch of cards Timmy sat down at the table and offered to help. Once I got over the initial shock, I handed him some cards, envelopes, and part of my list. It was actually kind of fun. Maybe a new tradition for us?? I can hear him preparing his excuses for next year already haha…

Second, I am thankful that I now know how to unclog the copy machine at school by myself. One day I went in to the office and every time I tried to make a copy it jammed in 5 places, literally. After the secretary fixed it for me twice, she thought she would just show me how to fix it. Now I know exactly how to open all the doors, find the jams and put the whole thing back together. It’s a good thing too, because I’ve already had to unjam it a couple more times…

Third, I am thankful that my class performed well in the Christmas Show last weekend. They were adorable! They sang nice and loud and you could understand every word of their Christmas Prayer. I was so proud of them! I was also completely exhausted afterwards… Two of the kids cried because they didn’t want to sit with the class. Then, when one of the kids saw the stage she started crying. She whimpered through the almost the whole first half. Then two kids wouldn’t go on stage… It was far more stressful than I had imagined it would be. I guess maybe that’s what made it so exhausting, I wasn’t expecting it. Either way, the kids who made it on stage were fabulous and Pre-K definitely stole the show! The whole thing was a great way to get into the spirit!

Finally, I am thankful for Christmas decorations. I love the happy, warm feeling you get when you sit and sip cocoa under the lights of the Christmas tree, the scent of pine, oranges, cloves and cinnamon in the air. I wish I could recreate the feeling during other times of the year, but it can’t be done. I guess that’s part of what makes it so special. There’s just something about Christmas.

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  1. Rose permalink
    December 16, 2011 7:58 pm

    I love the Christmas season so much! I also love your writing Melissa!

    I’m thankful for Uncle Joe – who painted the kitchen today- his idea. He usually does these things while I try to run interference…like, why not take a nap? or how about if we watch “A Christmas Carol” again? Don’t you want to eat?? He’s a worker!

    I am also thankful for our favorite story at Christmas, “A Christmas Carol” we both read it every year and have almost every version to watch. Thank you Charles Dickens!

    I am thankful for the little Christmas tree in our bedroom and our Advent wreath and candles in our living room.

    Have a good rest of the weekend!
    Aunt Rose

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