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All Things Merry & Bright

December 7, 2011

I love crafts that don’t require spending money! This is a quick simple project you can do to deck your halls with things on hand. It’s practically instant gratification, and kids can help if you have any around that need their hands kept busy.

All you need is wrapping paper, a little scrapbook/construction paper or card stock, glue (used a glue gun), a little piece of ribbon, yarn or string, and a circle cut out of card board ( I used a cereal box). Use a bowl to trace a few circles on your wrapping paper. Then cut those circles into quarters (like pie slices). Twist the quarters into cones and glue. Lay them out around a center point on the circle before gluing, just to make sure you have enough and they will fit in the pattern you have selected. The glue them to the cardboard circle. Add a circle in the middle with whatever fun design or words you would like and a loop of ribbon to the back. Voila!

I couldn’t find the right place to hang mine, so I just hung it on top of a Christmas card tree I made last year. I think once we get some Christmas cards hanging on the tree this will all look nice together. I hope you enjoyed this simple little project!

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  1. December 7, 2011 8:49 am

    very economical and practical tips for the coming Yulitide season. Thank you and advance merry christmas 🙂

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