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Paper Lanterns

November 17, 2011

I like paper crafting. Actually, I what I really like is shopping for fun paper, but since I’ve built up a fairly decent sized stash, using the paper has become necessary. So, in an effort to justify the fire hazard in my craft room, I’ve made these cute paper lanterns. They are super simple, can be done in minutes and work for every season and holiday. Let’s begin.

First, gather your supplies: paper, tea light, small glass pot or candle holder, glue, scissors (or clear plastic ruler and x-acto knife). I suggest using a stiff paper, like card stock or heavy scrapbook paper so it doesn’t get too droopy (see above back lantern…).

Second, decide how tall you want your lantern to be. I just used the full 12″ piece of paper for my first one. Why complicate things? Of course it won’t end up being fully 12″ because it will bow out in the center, so if you’re going to be picky, keep that in mind. Then measure around the candle holder you will be using to determine the width of your paper. I just stood the paper up, wrapped it around and guess-timated, adding an inch or so of overlap to glue it together. Cut the paper at this point.

Third, fold the paper in half, bringing the bottom edge up to meet the top (you should see what will be the inside of your lantern). Hamburger style – You are folding the height of your lantern in half. Then, draw lines starting about 2″ or so from the unfolded edges all the way down to the fold every 1/2″. Cut on these lines. If you’re not a stickler you could probably get away with just cutting right away, freehand. Alternatively, what I did was use my clear plastic ruler and x-acto knife and slice every 1/2″ (use a self-healing mat or cutting board!).

Fourth, open up your paper, twist it around into a tube and glue each end. Plop it over your candle holder and you’re done!

If you’re feeling good after this paper craft, follow this link to find out how to make the origami turkeys in the picture. I did it for fun, but these could be cute as place cards on your Thanksgiving table or a fun activity for the kiddos (probably the older ones, some of the folds are a little tough).

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