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Random Notes & Updates

August 12, 2011

I haven’t had time to finish the project I really want to show you, and I finished another project I would love to show you, but it’s a Christmas present so… Here are a few things I can share with you now:

First, I pulled these beauties  out of my garden yesterday! They are so cute! The two things I definitely want to plant again next year are carrots and broccoli. Maybe I can plant another round of these carrots for the fall? I’ll have to look into it.

Next, I made these delicious muffins yesterday and, yum! I found this recipe at The Letter 4, one of the writers there is trying to use more whole grains and this was a recipe she found and altered to her requirements. They have whole wheat flower, milled flax seed, oats, and peaches in them (the recipe calls for apples, but I didn’t have any…). A healthy and nutritious snack, give them a try! I also made the Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies (delicious!), and I can’t wait to try the Barley Chicken Salad. I love The Letter 4!

And finally, if you didn’t get enough with the Triathlon photos I posted, you can see more (by a professional photographer) at Sports In Motion. If you search bib #1168 most of Team PDK pictures come up. There are a couple extras if you sift through the other categories (Page 4 of the Awards section, page 2 of the Bike Transition Exit section). Maybe Aunt Beth can post her and Uncle Mike’s team bib numbers too in a comment? Enjoy!

That’s all for now, hopefully next week I’ll be able to get more done!


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