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Cute Crayon Bundles

July 18, 2011

I don't even own enough crayons to fill all of the bundles.

I saw this tutorial on The Pleated Poppy ( and couldn’t resist trying it. So stinkin’ cute and easy! Since I don’t exactly have a reason to carry crayons around (not that you need one, I guess), I modified the pattern to hold my double-pointed knitting needles. Perfect! This was the first project I did using my new rotary cutter and mat, too. 

One thing I’m learning quickly is that it’s a lot easier to be inspired and make spur of the moment projects when you have a big stash of fabric to work with. I guess I’ll just have to do more shopping! If only I could grow one of those money trees in my garden like my dad used to talk about…








I don't have a full set of needles, but at least the ones I do have won't get lost now.

Here are some details on the modifications I made for the DPN Case, just in case anyone visiting here wants to make it:

The outside and inside fabric pieces were 16.5″ x 9″

My Pocket piece was 16.5″ x 14″ (I wanted a deeper pocket so the needles would be less likely to fall out)

For the pockets, I did one center line, then I made the pockets to the left 1.5″, for the larger needles, then two 1.25″ pockets to the right of the center line, and five 1″ pockets to the right of the 1.25″ pockets. Basically they go in order from bigger to smaller to accommodate for the different size needles.

The stitching almost looks professional. I know, right?!

I also opted for a ribbon rather than the button and elastic closure. Partly because I like the look and know how to tie a bow (unlike a little one who would use the crayon bundle), and partly because I HATE sewing on buttons. I mean HATE. I wish I could somehow hypnotize Timmy and convince him that he loves it so he could do it for me. I guess I’d have to teach him how to do it first… Anyway, this post has been languishing in my draft box because I couldn’t take pictures until I had those buttons sewn on.

And if you’re not busy, stop by the Pleated Poppy, she’s adorable and so are her projects! The Pleated Poppy

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  1. Aunt Triciai permalink
    July 18, 2011 9:08 am

    These are adorable. I wish my little girl was starting kindergarten and not her senior year. By the way when do your items go on sale??? I could use a needle organizer, plus that cute leaf shawl.

    • July 18, 2011 9:17 am

      I’m working on building up some inventory, then hopefully I’ll open up my online store. I’m happy to take orders any time though!

  2. Aunt Martha permalink
    July 18, 2011 9:57 am

    Very Cute Melissa –

    You’ll have to watch for back to school sales if you need crayons – I have found them for 25cents a box

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