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Lettuce Wrap

June 24, 2011

This is my latest accomplishment. I think it’s the first thing I’ve made that I didn’t make any mistakes on (that I remember)! Too bad it’s too hot to wear it…  It’s not my pattern, but I’m liking this kind of construction. A design like this would certainly involve less math, at least less complicated math, for the border.

The pattern is Liliaceae by Angelika Luidl

Right now I’m working on that first pattern, among other things. I am finding that writing down what you’re doing so that someone else can recreate it takes significantly longer than just doing it without thinking. I’m also now acutely aware of how many mistakes I make haha… I can’t just fix them as I go anymore, I have to go back and do it right, which makes a big difference. Perhaps pattern writing will make me into more of a perfectionist, though I doubt it.

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