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We’ve been busy!

June 14, 2011

Things have been happening here in Bethehem! First, we had our Pre-School graduation/moving up party. That was nice, and hot! Fortunately we had the tent, otherwise it would have been miserable. The kids were adorable and it sounds like pretty much all of them will be back for the 4 year old program next year.

Aren't they cute?!

Next came the Philadelphia International Championship Bike Race. No, Timmy was not competing, but I”m sure if he had he would have won, of course. We had a great time walking around Philly, cheering and spending time with the newly engaged Tricia and Adam!!! That’s right, ENGAGED, whoo!!!!

Waiting for the peleton

There they go! We were on TV that very moment!

Aren't they cute?! haha

In addition to these fun things I also went to Alexandria, VA to visit my parents, who were in town for a meeting. And Timmy attempted to compete in his first century ride (100 miles in one day). Unfortunately the weather stopped him from completing the ride, but he did go about 75 miles!

What? You don't wear a fascinator when you go out with your mother?

Now I’m about to leave for Michigan for 5 days and Timmy will be here all by himself. He has assured me repeatedly that he will be fine, but I have my doubts. What is the point of my existence if he doesn’t need me to take care of him??

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  1. Megan permalink
    June 14, 2011 8:15 pm

    who cares your coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry timmy we love you too ;))

  2. MaryKay permalink
    June 14, 2011 8:38 pm

    I have my doubts too, haha.

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