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Update from the Garden

May 25, 2011

Look what bloomed in my garden today:

Perfect Pink Peony

In related news, my war with the squirrels is currently at a stand still… They destroyed 5 plants in all, but since my pepper spray use they seemed to have decided the veggies don’t look all that appetizing. I planted some annuals along the path to the pond and the squirrels tore one of those out, but that must not have tasted good either because they left it largely intact and haven’t touched anything since.  I am not ready to claim victory over them, they are still digging around out there, but I’m content with the Mutual Hatred from Afar Agreement we are currently under. I am also excited that the seeds I planted last month are starting to look like actual vegetables, albeit teeny, tiny ones:

Carrots! And the wascally wabbits better keep away!

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