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April Showers

April 9, 2011

Sprout sprouts!

I’m excited to have a new garden out back this year! Timmy and I ripped out the giant shrub in the back yard and in its place we will have a beautiful (hopefully) vegetable garden! I was so excited to get started with flowers and planting, I decided to start some of the plants in an indoor greenhouse. This is my first time trying this, but I guess the seeds do most of the work, right? I was surprised to see little sprouts after only about 4 days! It’s been almost a week now and I have lots of broccoli, brussels sprouts and zinnias popping up. Even a couple sunflowers and one tiny cucumber are starting to poke their way to the sun! We are hoping to have all the prep work for the garden box done by the end of this weekend, so maybe next week I can plant a couple cool weather things, and be ready for planting the rest in May. I also started some flowers and have a few summer bulbs waiting to be planted to fill in the rest of the garden, now that I have some idea of what will grow. I can’t wait to eat freshly picked vegetables later this summer and fall!!

Zinnias and Sweat Peas and Broccoli, oh my!

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