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Long Lost Blog Post…

March 3, 2011

I jinxed myself! I made the comment that I was lucky to not get sick after spending all this time with germ infested kids. Two days later I was laying on the couch unable to move. Fortunately the flu didn’t last too long, only about 4 days. I’m feeling much better now, just in time to get out in the sunshine (and post some updates)!

Update #1: I made sushi for dinner on Valentine’s Day (sooo long ago…)! It was pretty good, but the sushi roll itself was a bit of a disaster. Turns out those guys behind the counter have had a LOT of practice because it is much harder than it looks. On the other hand, if anyone is considering using rice paper (Vietnamese) don’t be intimidated.

Vietnamese Veggie Roll (would be great with shrimp too)

It was fun and easy! Unfortunately Timmy didn’t really like it haha… Overall, the most crowd pleasing thing I made was the Korean Yaki Mandu ( This would be great for a party! I think that you could substitute more beef for the tofu if you’re not into that kind of thing, but really, the tofu was not a powerful presence.

Yaki Mandu - the dipping sauce is not necessary, but adds a lot.

Update #2: I have been loving the sewing machine! I have broken it in, literally. Well, just a broken needle, but for some reason I felt like a sewing pro changing a needle haha. I also found a dress form on super sale, and couldn’t resist. I adjusted it to my measurements, but I keep looking at it thinking, “Is that really what I look like???”  Below is a picture of my first real project. I’m pretty proud of myself, it has pleats and a gather, neither of which I had previously attempted. Now I am working on a sundress with a light jacket. The dress just needs to be hemmed, and the jacket only has three pieces so it shouldn’t take too long. That will probably be my next post, and hopefully it won’t take me a month to get it up!

My first top!



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