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Dinner was Wild!

December 10, 2010

I’m not much of a big game cooker, but my dad gave me some elk burger last time I was home, so I had to get adventurous. I decided spaghetti would be the best use for it. It turned out pretty good! Elk doesn’t have any kind of strong flavor that I noticed, and Tim thought is was just regular beef, so he must not have noticed anything either. One thing I think would make it better is mushrooms, wild, maybe porcini or even button in a pinch. Tim doesn’t like mushrooms so I didn’t use them this time.

Elk & Onions

So, if you find yourself suddenly in possession of some elk burger, here’s my recipe:

1 lb Elk burger

1/2 medium onion, diced

3 cloves garlic, minced

1/3 cup red wine (I used pinot noir)

1 can (28 oz) crushed tomatoes

1 can (6 oz) tomato paste

1/2 tsp basil

1/2 tsp oregano

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

1 bay leaf

1 to 1-1/2 cups mushrooms

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 – 1 cup diced carrots

Brown the meat (drain if necessary); add wine, garlic, carrots and onion; let wine reduce; add remaining ingredients and simmer for 20-40 minutes. Remove bay leaf and serve over pasta ( used mezza penne). I also cooked mine for over an hour because Tim had to stay late at work… But it was still good!

Dinner is served!

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  1. Auntie Pam permalink
    December 10, 2010 1:38 pm

    Yum, yum. Elk makes good tacos, too.

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