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Christmas Comes Early For the Ducks

October 1, 2010

In an effort to not spend ALL of our savings on decorations for our house I have started to make decorations out of things around the house. With all the “go green” fanaticism out there right now it is so simple to find fun ideas online for reusing and recycling household items. Since this will be my first year having to decorate an entire Christmas tree, and we don’t have a lot of money to spend on Christmas ornaments, that was one thing I wanted to focus on.

I got the idea for my first project from an old Martha Stewart Living magazine. I have been saving all the cards Tim and I received at our wedding, thinking there had to be some way to use them. For some reason I felt bad just getting rid of them… Well it’s a good thing I saved them because this Christmas ornament is cute and it uses old greeting cards. Technically it calls for old Christmas cards, but I like the idea of preserving our wedding memories. Here’s my first attempt.

A Wedding Card Ornament

The second ornament I just couldn’t resist. These little guys are so completely adorable I had to try them immediately when I found the pattern. Fortunately I had been stashing wine corks in a glass in our bar cabinet. I knew that pack-rat gene would pay off some day! I especially like that this is a Norwegian pattern, so they remind me a little of the Christmas I spent in Norway. I will probably keep making these gnomes all the way up until Christmas because they are so cute!

Korknisse - Gnomes!

If you want to try making either of these yourself, here are the links:

Christmas card ornament:

Cork Gnomes:

Update: A Happy Family

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