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Lessons from PA

September 22, 2010

Now that I have been in Pennsylvania for a while, and in my house for almost a year I am starting to realize that I have become my mother in many, many ways. I’ve learned a few other things about myself too. First, I have inherited my mom’s passion for buying decorations and dishes. I always thought she was a little crazy to have a set of Easter dishes. Now I find myself wanting a set of pumpkin dishes… The house feels so much more cozy, and the meal seems more special when you have the right decorations and dishes! On a chilly night, hot chocolate or tea just tastes better from a snowman mug, or a fall scene mug than the utility morning mugs we use every day. I think within a few years I may spend as much on decorations as we spent on the house. And the house will look fabulous! The bank account on the other hand…

The second thing I have learned is that I attach an irrational sentimental value to the most silly things now that I am so far away from my family. I always thought mums were nice in fall, but now mums ARE fall. Every time I drive by a stand selling mums I think of home and my parent’s house and raking leaves into a big tarp and lugging them into the woods. And when I hear the marching band practicing a few blocks away I am reminded of when I was in band, and the chilly football games on Friday nights. I don’t know that there is anything more beautiful than the week (if we’re lucky) of fall in Michigan. Of course Pennsylvania falls are beautiful, but there’s something about a Michigan fall that will always be special to me.

Aside from making my parents happy by admitting that I miss Michigan and them a little bit, a positive result of this new irrational sentimentality has spilled over into my knitting. I find that many of the skeins of yarn in my stash have some memory attached to them. This can be a problem, if I never find the project that is just right to capture the memory. But for the most part it has been good. When I pull the scarf I made for Timmy last year out of the winter box, I remember our honeymoon. I made him stop at a little yarn shop in VERY snowy Vermont and pick something out. When I knit up a

sweater with the yarn my mom bought for me on our recent trip to Chicago, I’ll be able to think back on the fun we had as a family. It’s kind of nice to pull on a sweater and have it give you a warm, happy feeling to start your day!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fall as much as I am!

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